Join Our Tanzgruppen

Join Our Tanzgruppen

The Toledo Holzhacker Buam primarily practices Bavarian and Tyrolean culture by performing traditional dances.

Our Tanzgruppe (dance group) dances all over the country at various Festivals during the year.

We have two groups in the Toledo Holzhacker Buam - the Kindergruppe and the Adult Tanzgruppe. 


Our Kindergruppe, or Children's Group, is made up of young dancers ages 2-16. They learn and perform a variety of folk dances, as well as some of the adult level plattling. Once a dancer reaches the age of 16, they "graduate" to the Adult Tanzgruppe and receive their Adult Tracht (traditional clothing).


Our Adult Tanzgruppe is made up of dancers of all ages, over the age of 16. They perform several traditional Bavarian dances and Plattlers. The Adult Group performs at multiple German festivals around the country, has competed in international competitions, and has performed on stages around the world. 

Our Practices

The Toledo Holzhacker Buam practices on Monday nights at Oak Shade Grove in the Swiss Haus, the building to the left upon entrance to the Grove. 

Kindergruppe practice begins at 7:00pm.   Adult Tanzgruppe practice begins at 7:45pm.

Oak Shade Grove

3624 Seaman Rd.

Oregon, OH 43616

For more information, please email us at: